Not feeling well?

General office visits is a part of what we treat at our center. If you are not feeling well either from a sudden cold, flu, sinus infections or overly stressed Dr. Hoppe has several ways to help you rebound and regain balance and health.

For patients who have not been feeling well either physically or emotionally and its been an ongoing challenge, our office is very accustomed to working with women and their stress, weight issues, anxiety and or depression. During these visits we take a holistic approach to finding the root cause of your symptoms and in some cases we can treat this without drugs.

Your medical needs may not always be predictable or routine and we make every effort to accommodate urgent appointments as quickly as possible.

I value integrity, and will speak truthfully to you, and would expect that you speak truthfully to me so that we can achieve your goals together. I will ask you questions about your health, nutrition, energy levels, your environment, and your relationships, and will take the time to listen closely to your answers.

I will offer you a full spectrum of health care that is both professional and compassionate… all within a warm, peaceful, and healing environment.

Thank you again for your time, and my staff and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Please call our office today to schedule an appointment at 760-635-5600.