New You Evolution Weight Loss E-Book Download

Start A New You Evolution by Downloading My Weight Loss E-Book Today! Many of us take the plunge to lose weight and get back in shape. However, we are seldom successful for the long term. Every year, we promise ourselves change and every year, most of us abandon our weight loss goals. With obesity now […]

woman sleeping sleep important

If You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep, Your Life is at Major Risk

If You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep, Your Life is at Major Risk You snooze, you lose… right? The truth is, if you DON’T Snooze, you will absolutely lose. Thinking of pulling an all-nighter? Well think again. Studies have shown that just one night of inadequate sleep takes away your mental focus and decreases your […]

dr. Isabel David, Colorectal Cancer Survivor

Colorectal Cancer Survivor, Dr Isabel David Tells Her Story

Colorectal Cancer SurvivorDr Isabel David A.K.A “Sandra” Tells Her Story If you missed any articles in this series, here are the links to the three parts to get you up to speed on colorectal cancer: Part 1, colon cancer was initially suspected when Sandra went into the ER with complaints of rectal bleeding, in Part […]

what are Brussels sprouts

It’s All About The Brussels Sprouts

It’s All About The Brussels Sprouts Brussels sprouts are the most “hated” vegetable in America, according to a 2008 survey conducted by Heinz. Fast forward to 2016/2017 and that sentiment appears to be changing! Recently, I have been to two trendy local restaurants with phenomenal food and a hip atmosphere – the Craftsman Tavern ( […]