When Illness Hits Home – My Mother’s Dementia

When Illness Hits Home – Coping With My Mother’s Dementia You wouldn’t know by looking at her. At 82 years of age, she looks great – smiles, looks you straight in the eye, nods her head in understanding. But when she tries to make a sentence, she mumbles in nonsensical words. In that moment, the […]

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5 Simple Ways to Start Your Day Right

5 Simple Ways to Start Your Day Right #1 – Don’t Reach For Technology When You Wake Up Waking up is a natural, and should be, a peaceful process. Many people sleep with their phones…Either next to them, or literally in their hands. A 2015 Bank of America Trends in Consumer Mobility Report survey showed […]

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Strawberry Avocado Spring Spinach Salad

Step into Spring with my Strawberry Avocado Spring Spinach Salad Spring has sprung and we are at the beginning of the seasons where everyone around the United States are going out more and wearing less. Flowers are blooming, colors are popping, and many people are starting their gardens. March & April is the optimal time […]

New You Evolution Weight Loss E-Book Download

Start A New You Evolution by Downloading My Weight Loss E-Book Today! Many of us take the plunge to lose weight and get back in shape. However, we are seldom successful for the long term. Every year, we promise ourselves change and every year, most of us abandon our weight loss goals. With obesity now […]