10 Red Fruits to Stimulate Your Health

10 Red Fruits to Stimulate Your Health It’s Valentines day and everything is Red – flowers, candy, red hearts, and gifts are all exchanged in the name of romance and St. Valentine.  Valentine’s day is second to only Christmas as the most popular holiday for sending cards in the United States. Many of us will […]

what are Brussels sprouts

It’s All About The Brussels Sprouts

It’s All About The Brussels Sprouts Brussels sprouts are the most “hated” vegetable in America, according to a 2008 survey conducted by Heinz. Fast forward to 2016/2017 and that sentiment appears to be changing! Recently, I have been to two trendy local restaurants with phenomenal food and a hip atmosphere – the Craftsman Tavern (http://www.craftsmantavern.com) […]

Is sugar the “white death”?

According to this recent article I read, it sure is!! Why is sugar the “white death”? Because it’s responsible for a higher rate of heart disease than saturated fats.  Here is an enlightening article from the New York Times about how the sugar industry in 1967, hired three Harvard scientists to publish an article in […]

sick family - tips on how to beat flu season

Flu Season is Here! Here are some tips..

Flu season is here. You know what that means –  aching bodies, scratchy throats , and that tired and run down feeling.    So this year let’s get ahead of the flu season and make sure the entire family stays at their very best! I am so grateful to have a wide spectrum of patients […]