what are Brussels sprouts

It’s All About The Brussels Sprouts

It’s All About The Brussels Sprouts Brussels sprouts are the most “hated” vegetable in America, according to a 2008 survey conducted by Heinz. Fast forward to 2016/2017 and that sentiment appears to be changing! Recently, I have been to two trendy local restaurants with phenomenal food and a hip atmosphere – the Craftsman Tavern (http://www.craftsmantavern.com) […]

Not for the faint of heart….the passing of my dear cat, Kiki.

She had this incredibly loud purr.  It was like a tremor, emanating from deep inside her body and reverberating sounds of true joy and complete contentment.   Every morning while stroking her neck and back, I was gifted with this resounding orchestra of delight.  This was my morning dose of “feline fortitude” which propelled me to […]

Cranberry juice for Bladder Infections: Fact or Folklore?

  We’ve all heard it. “Drink cranberry juice to flush out a bladder infection!” Is this really a medical remedy? The answer is, Yes! According to new research published in Archives of Internal Medicine, cranberry- containing products, especially cranberry juice, protect women against bladder infections, especially those prone to recurrent infections. (1) Bladder infections, or […]

Is it “hot” in here? Getting Rid of the Heat- Introducing the “Kool Tool”!

  Are you tired of those bothersome hot flashes? Sweating during a meeting and losing your train of thought? Soaking the sheets at night? Well, you’re not alone! Approximately eighty-five percent of the women in the United States are experiencing hot flashes of some kind as they approach menopause, and for the first few years […]