A Night to Remember…

This past adventure to Italy was truly one for the memory books.  There were so many unforgettable experiences and one in particular that I wanted to share with you.   This one evening really warmed my heart! After a long day of travel from Orvieto (Umbria, Italy) to Rome via train, then flight from Rome to […]

What determines our success? …the choices that we make!

  During this time of year, many of us are making New Year’s resolutions – ranging from losing weight, to spending more quality time with our spouses/family to actually using that gym membership that we keep paying monthly dues for. Whatever these may be –there’s one key that determines whether you’ll be successful in keeping […]

Gaining weight? Can’t sleep? Feeling overwhelmed?

  Any of these sound familiar?  These are all results of something called “STRESS”!  We all have it – and yet, we can’t seem to control its effects.   The next upcoming series of blogs will focus on stress- what it is, why it is literally killing you and how to deal with stress to achieve […]

being compassionate with yourself and others

Are you compassionate to yourself? Fighting Your Inner Critic!

  “Gosh, I really could have done that better.  I could have been more spontaneous with my presentation. I should have been able to memorize it and speak off the cuff, rather than resort to reading in from my script.  Why can’t I be better?” These were just a few thoughts running through my head […]