Did You Forget ?

  Did you forget to get your flu vaccine?  Well, we’re here to help. According to the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), everyone over the age of 6 months should receive the vaccine and vaccination should continue to be offered throughout the flu season.  A “universal” flu vaccination protocol to expand protection against […]

Confused about Health Care? You’re Not Alone!

    Are you confused about health care reform and what to do about your health insurance?  Well, you’re not alone.  According to a recent poll, half of all Americans are confused about how the Affordable Care Act, with its more than 20,000 pages of rules and regulations, works.  Even more, approximately three-fourths are worried […]

Dr. Hoppe – a Guinea Pig?

    Yes, it’s true.  I’m volunteering myself for a novel experiment – to lose those darn 15 lbs!   Summer is right around the corner and the thought of my body in a bathing suit, makes me want to turn the other way.   That’s why I am challenging myself with a new weight loss […]

Face the Knife? You Don’t Need To!

  Introducing Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Procedures to Put Your Best Face Forward As baby boomers, we are looking for ways to look youthful and healthy.  Many women (and men) are finding that a few extra “touches” help them feel more confident and beautiful as they age.    Recently, dramatic changes have occurred in the field of […]