Sweaty T-shirts and sexual chemistry? Could it be “love at first… scent”?

Maybe it’s not similar interests, looks, horoscope signs or proximity that make men and women fall madly in love., but actually their body smell. Scientists specializing in the field of evolutionary psychology have long known the dramatic effect of pheromones in sexual attraction. Pheromones are subtle chemical signals released in the air which draw pairs […]

The Bedroom-Libido Connection

What message is your bedroom sending? Is it a place that invites open and intimate communication?  Is it conducive to rest and relaxation? Believe it or not, how you and your partner decorate your bedroom does in fact influence the quality of your sex life. The ancient Chinese principle of Feng Shui, placing certain objects […]

Letter from a reader: Which scents will boost my and my wife’s libido?

photo credit: MrBG Subject:  A Little Help Please Hello, I am asking for a little help in boosting my libido, and helping my wife get in the mood through fragrances in the bedroom.  Any advice or ideas would be appreciated.  Thank you. W Hello W – Thank you for your email.  I’m glad you wrote […]

Curious as to Which Scents Increase a Man’s Libido?

Researchers at the Smell and Taste Treatment Research Foundation in Chicago have conducted trials to gauge men’s sexual response to certain scents.  By measuring the blood flow to the penis, various odors were tested to evaluate arousal.   Among those scents found to increase penile blood flow were: