Pop Open the Champagne – It’s Polo Season!

After the fires and stress from the past few weeks, I made a promise to myself— to get out there and try a few new things. Why wait? The time is now, right? So when a patient and friend of mine asked me to join her for Opening Day of the Polo Fields, I thought, […]

Fifty Shades: From Baby Boom to Rope Shortage?

Fifty Shades : From Baby Boom to Rope Shortage? Could this erotic trilogy be causing a virtual baby boom?   Not to mention an apparent shortage of certain rope in the United States?   The first of these queries was recently posed to me by an interviewer for Parent Magazine.  It piqued my interest into the possibility […]

The Bedroom-Libido Connection

What message is your bedroom sending? Is it a place that invites open and intimate communication?  Is it conducive to rest and relaxation? Believe it or not, how you and your partner decorate your bedroom does in fact influence the quality of your sex life. The ancient Chinese principle of Feng Shui, placing certain objects […]