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The Sky is the Limit When You Just “Let Go”

The Sky is the Limit When You Just “Let Go” You may or may not know that I am a control freak – Classic type A personality to the T. I like to micro-manage and be in charge and assuring nothing goes awry. Years ago, one person even told me I was a AAA personality […]

Not for the faint of heart….the passing of my dear cat, Kiki.

She had this incredibly loud purr.  It was like a tremor, emanating from deep inside her body and reverberating sounds of true joy and complete contentment.   Every morning while stroking her neck and back, I was gifted with this resounding orchestra of delight.  This was my morning dose of “feline fortitude” which propelled me to […]

being compassionate with yourself and others

Are you compassionate to yourself? Fighting Your Inner Critic!

  “Gosh, I really could have done that better.  I could have been more spontaneous with my presentation. I should have been able to memorize it and speak off the cuff, rather than resort to reading in from my script.  Why can’t I be better?” These were just a few thoughts running through my head […]