Your Gut – Is It a Second Brain?

  We have all heard the saying, “use your gut instinct”, right?  Well there may well be much truth behind this adage!   I didn’t used to believe in the power of probiotics and their connection with our 2 brains, but now I am convinced. Previous research has shown a definite connection between the belly and […]

Stressed Out? Take Care of Yourself!

  Summer is finally coming to an end.  The kids are back in school.  Others have flown from the nest off to college.  Our daily routine seems to be settling in, but why do we feel so stressed? A patient came into my office a few weeks ago appearing more frazzled than ever.  She was […]

Gaining weight? Can’t sleep? Feeling overwhelmed?

  Any of these sound familiar?  These are all results of something called “STRESS”!  We all have it – and yet, we can’t seem to control its effects.   The next upcoming series of blogs will focus on stress- what it is, why it is literally killing you and how to deal with stress to achieve […]

Unhealthy relationship…with your “in-box” ?

Unhealthy Relationship … with your “in-box’?   Is e-mail bogging you down? With so many social media networks, literally at our fingertips, it’s no wonder that we can’t keep up with them.  They are taking a toll on our nerves… as well as our libidos!  Every day we are bombarded by hundreds, or potentially thousands, of […]