Why can’t I lose that darn belly fat?

In my last blog, we focused on stress.   What stress is and why chronic stress leads to elevated levels of cortisol causing many medical conditions.  This blog will focus on stress and its association with that darn belly fat! As I have mentioned before, one of the first responses of our bodies to stress is […]

Gaining weight? Can’t sleep? Feeling overwhelmed?

  Any of these sound familiar?  These are all results of something called “STRESS”!  We all have it – and yet, we can’t seem to control its effects.   The next upcoming series of blogs will focus on stress- what it is, why it is literally killing you and how to deal with stress to achieve […]

8 Weeks to a Better Brain! – Try some mindfulness meditation

In our frenetic world of 24/7, cell phones, i-pads, blackberries and other various technological gadgets, it may seem like there is not enough time to breathe, eat or sleep, much less find time to meditate. Well, you may want to start making a conscious effort to FIND that time to quiet your mind after reading […]

A Special Video Treat

I hope you had an enjoyable holiday season with the ones you love. To start off the new year, I wanted to share something very special with you… Click the video below for this special treat: The Great Bell Chant (The End of Suffering) from R Smittenaar on Vimeo. http://player.vimeo.com/video/6518109?autoplay=