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Meet Me Under The Eiffel Tower– Meet Me Under the Eiffel Tower is a humorous and heart-warming account of a woman’s discovery of the “joie de vivre” in the romantic city of Paris, describing its delicious food, brilliant sites and interesting men. Finding balance plays a key element in her thriving during her Parisian travels. The goal of achieving high levels of nitric oxide is also discussed at length – something all of us will strive for after reading this book! Tasha Donahue has taken her own intimate experiences and shared them in a warm and enlightening way – including an entire chapter on Kissing. This tremendous book is an inspiration to all of us, propelling us to live life with vitality and passion! ”
-Dr. Diana Hoppe, M.D.,

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Mastery, Myth and Facts: Thriving In The Change Of Life – click here