Women & Teenage Services

Our patients feel comfortable and safe to express all their healthcare concerns and needs. Our office and staff is warm and friendly and are true patient care advocates.. We believe in empowering women to look and feel their best. Expect your visit to be a relaxed and quality experience, in the privacy of your own room. We strive to make our center a 2nd home for patients.


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Gynecological Services: Taking care of yourself is a gift. We offer woman and teens many solutions to maintain their feminine health, sexuality, hormones and overall well being. Our services occur in a relax treatment room with staff ready to educate, empower and care for your needs and goals. In addition we offer several  in office procedures and surgeries.

Perimenopause & Menopause: we support women’s hormones through comprehensive diagnoses and treatment plans using bio identical hormones, non hormonal and holistic approaches so women feel empowered, have their hormones restored as well as all the symptoms that hormonal imbalances can create.

Weight Loss: Fat is a symptom not the problem. There are multiple factors to weight gain, and most of them are not treated with just diet and exercise alone. We treat all the major factors associated to your weight gain to assure you lose it and keep it off. Discover Why, Finding Hidden Factors, Provide customized treatment plans is how our patients create a lean health body that keeps the weight gains from coming back.

Teenagers, hormones, sexuality, education: Becoming a young women can be a tough time. Our approach enlightens teens to understand their body, their feelings and how to take care of themselves with confidence. We create a safe and interactive environments to discuss and treat menstruations, birth control and confidence,  weight issues, general illness and sickness and all things related to care and health lifestyle for teens including, sex education.

Ultimate Well Women’s Health: Our year long program is designed and customized to restore every aspect of a women’s health, anti aging, lifestyle and the treatment of minor health challenges. Patients have an ongoing and personalized relationship with Dr. Hoppe as we embark on this journey patients receive a series of treatments, supplements, nutrition, accountability and support from our entire staff.

General Office Visits: We support patients when they are not feeling well, ill or they sense something going on their body. Our educational and unrushed appointment support women using medication, nutritional and supplemental support for alleviating the symptoms and causes of their illness.

Customized Nutritional & Supplemental program: Patients often over look the value and importance of nutritional support for each organ and gland that control our health and life experience. These programs support the body way beyond what an everyday diet and active lifestyle can support.

Anti aging/Stress & Testing: The core of most of our symptoms starts with our bodies inability to handle all forms of stress, emotionally, physically and mental stress and our environment. We address the entire nervous system which determines your overall experience in life, your adrenal glands, endocrine system and lifestyle to determine why you are feeling that way you are and create a treatment plan to support your overall health and well being.

Preventative Medicine: The most powerful form of medicine, yet the most underutilized. Hind sight is more important, if you have had repeating symptoms for 2 years or more you may have hidden causes effecting your health. Our preventative program helps patients understand their body, prevent future disease, overcome current disease and create a long term approach to health and wellness.

Vitamin & Mineral Programs: Each patient is unique and requires different support. Knowing what your body needs makes patients feel relieved that they are feeding their body the right way. Our patients discover what their body needs in order to support their lifestyle, that is the goal with our program, provide the body the nutrition it needs to fuel your life with passion, restoration and empowerment.

Annual Women’s Visits: Do you need your annual pap smear? Check up? One of our most powerful approaches to preventing disease, whether its heart, gynecological, brain or patient family history of illness, your complete program covers each aspect of your body, lifestyle and emotional health factors that can cause disease. Patients learn the factors to prevent disease and maintain an overall healthy quality of life.

Women’s Lab Work: We believe all patients regardless of their insurance coverage and financial status should have access to all realms of testing and tools. We uncovering hidden causes to your health, provide support in monitoring your health and track patients ongoing results. Your internal health is key to living well. We provide testing of blood, hair, urine and stool samples. Dr. Hoppe utilizes her 23 years of research skills and testing to help patients find hides causes effecting their health and a treatment plan to correct and overcome them.


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